While most will agree that the Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin is the best SEO Plugin for your WordPress blog (and we agree), there might be some things to think about when comparing Yoast’s Video SEO Plugin to our very own WP Social SEO Booster Pro Plugin (which will be renamed to just the WP Social SEO Plugin shortly).  

While we love Yoast’s work, we have done a huge amount of testing on the use and lack of use of Video Sitemaps for websites and how it reflects on Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  What we have tested is the effect of using a Video Sitemap versus simply using Schema.org Video Object Markup (which Google fully supports).  We have also used them together as well.

Simply put, we have seen the exact same results from simply using Schema.org Video Object markup (Microdata) on our sites.

Does this mean we think you should not use Video Sitemaps?  No.  We believe that any time you can submit information directly to Google about your site via a Sitemap, it will be beneficial.  That being said, right now we are seeing no difference between the 2, but we also are seeing almost immediate indexing and displaying of the Video Thumbnail next to our listings in Google.

For Example, on our Deals Plugin Page, we are only using the Schema.org Video Object Markup.  If you do a Google Search for “social deals engine” you will see that our Social Deals Engine Plugin page displays right below the YouTube listing for the Video almost identically with the Video Thumbnail showing next to it.

Video SEO Listing

As you can see, even without using a Video Sitemap we are able to show off our Video in Google just by using this markup as recommended by Google.  This can be verified by using the Google Structured Data Testing Tool.


Showing Up In Google Search

Now does this mean all your pages using the Video Markup will display in Google Search like this?  No.  Even when using Video Sitemaps your pages will not always display like this.  Why?  Honestly, sometimes there is no rhyme or reason to what Google shows or does not show.  Just like Authorship and Publisher status, Google chooses to display search results differently in different searches and differently in different locations.  Not everyone sees the same results.

The important thing isn’t if it is displayed in search as much as it is important that Google is seeing it on your site and indexing it appropriately.  By having the correct markup you can do this and both the Yoast Video SEO Plugin and the WP Social SEO Booster support this.


How Do They Compare?

First off, remember that Yoast’s Video SEO plugin was built just for Video and mainly for creating Video Sitemaps.  The plugin does this extremely well and is the best in the business at doing this.  Our SEO Booster Pro Plugin is a Social Media SEO and Microdata Optimization Plugin.  Its focus is a lot broader than Yoast’s and that is also why we wanted to compare the 2 plugins.

When compared side by side, the only thing the Yoast SEO Plugin has that the WP Social SEO Booster plugin does not is the Video Sitemap feature and MediaRSS enhancements (which do nothing).  When comparing the SEO Booster Pro plugin to the Yoast Video SEO Plugin on a feature level, we have more line by line inputs for technical Itemprop, Schema.org Microdata, Facebook Open Graph, and Twitter Cards for Video then Yoast’s plugin.  In fact, Yoast’s plugin does not support Twitter Cards for Video (Player Cards) at all and all the plugin does for Open Graph is change the Open Graph Type to “Video”.

Now while the Yoast’s plugin has an incredible feature set for automatically seeing your Videos and adding them to the Video sitemap, it really drops the ball when it comes to allowing you to customize your output for Video SEO with Schema.org Markup and Open Graph.  All it uses is the default output (Meta Title and Description) from the Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin which is required for use with the Yoast Video SEO Plugin (which means you can’t use it with any other SEO Plugin for WordPress).

The WP Social SEO Booster allows you to Customize Video SEO Output for Schema.org Microdata (VideoObject), Facebook Open Graph, and Twitter Cards for Video (Player Card) and Yoast’s Video SEO Plugin does not.  See below.

Video Object Inputs

Schema.org Video Object Input in SEO Booster Plugin

Video Open Graph

Facebook Open Graph Video Inputs in the SEO Booster Plugin

Player Card Input

Twitter Card Customization Inputs in SEO Booster Plugin



Now, we have to admit we are more than slightly biased in favor of our own plugin.  That does not mean all the information shown here isn’t true.  It is.  Our main reason for doing this comparison is we want WordPress blog owners to understand they don’t have to pay the exorbitant prices required to purchase the Yoast Video SEO Plugin to get the same exact results for Video SEO and even more when looking at all the other features of the SEO Booster Pro Plugin when compared to Yoast’s.  We personally have looked at the plugin’s code and don’t understand why the price is so high.

Here is the Yoast Video SEO Plugin’s Current Pricing:

Video SEO Prices

Yoast Video SEO Plugin Pricing

Compare it yourself.  Try the WP Social SEO Booster Pro Plugin for just $37 with Developer License on an Unlimited number of Sites and if you are not happy with the results in the next 60 Days, we’ll give you your money back.  No questions asked.

Good Luck!