JV Zoo and WooCommerce – match made in heaven

JV Zoo continues to be a dominant force in the affiliate marketing space. If you are launching a new plugin, theme or other information based product JV Zoo is defiantly a platform to consider. Affiliate’s of Internet MArketing products still flock to JV Zoo. JV Zoo product launches done well are huge money makers.
One issue with JV Zoo though is that you lose control of your deliverables. Do you want to have your plugin hosted at JV Zoo? How will you handle updates?  Do you really want to manage the same product in multiple places – both on your server and at JV Zoo?
A better way for merchants with downloadable delivery products is to use WooCommerce as the backend to manage your electronic downloads. WooCommerce is the number one e-commerce engine for WordPress for good reasons. There are so many add-ons and additional functionality available from WooComemrce that it is an easy choice to manage your digital deliverables. Whether you are selling an e-book, plugin, image library – keep control of your product.

With the wpSocial JV Zoo plugin for WooCommerce, you can do exactly that. It allows you to link your downloadable WooCommerce products to your JV Zoo offers. When a customer purchases from JV Zoo all of the transaction information stays on JV Zoo so your affiliates get credit. But your customer gets their download from your WooCommerce site. They can then be registered and have access to updates. And you, the merchant keeps control. Perfect!
Check it out.

JVZoo WooCommerce Extension