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Social Member Lock

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Product Description

Create Facebook, Google Plus, and LinkedIn Enabled Membership Sites on Your WordPress Powered Website

Social Member Lock allows you to use the Power of Facebook, Google Plus, and LinkedIN Social Connect to quickly Create a Socially Enabled Membership on Your WordPress Blog with ANY Post or Page Content of ANY Type (this means Custom Post Types as Well). Plus, with our in Post Editor Shortcodes you can select any snippet of Content INSIDE Your Post or Page Content that you want to be Protected Social Member Content. This means you can say that Members can only have access to Videos or specific URLs on Your Blog, or you can use it as an Upgrade tool to enable Multiple Levels of Membership on Your Blog using other Membership Plugins like Wishlist Member, etc.

How it Works:

  1. Install Social Member Lock and Activate it just like any other WordPress Plugin.
  2. Setup Your Facebook Application and Add Your APP ID and Secret Key to Your FB Member Lock settings (or other social networks).
  3. Set Your Welcome Message for Members in the Auto Post to Facebook Settings.
  4. Select Content to Protect for Your Facebook Members (Any Posts or Pages (or select Content inside Post and Pages with our Social Member Lock Shortcodes))
  5. Add in Your Mailing List Provider Optin Form Code. (Aweber, Getresponse, Mailchimp, iContact, etc.)
  6. Start adding Facebook Members to Your Blog and Mailing List on Autopilot!!

It’s that Easy!!!

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Social Member Lock Turns ANY Page Into a Squeeze Page and Increases Optins by 250%!!

Social Member Lock makes “traditional” Squeeze Pages Obsolete by allowing you to “Squeeze” Optins through valuable content on Your Blog and never have to get a user to fill in an Optin Form! The Power of Facebook, Google Plus, and LinkedIn Connect allows you to enable Instant Optins to Your Mailing List every time a visitor to Your Blog becomes a “Social Member”!! Now all you have to do is present your visitors with the option to engage with your Content by Connecting via Facebook and then You Instantly add them to your Mailing List (with their permission of course).

Instant Members in 2 Clicks Through Social Connect with ZERO Forms to Fill In!!!


Update Your Members via their Facebook Walls Increasing Your Viral Traffic by 250%!!

Turn on the Traffic Faucet and Boost Your Social Media Signals by Posting Membership Updates to Your Members Facebook Walls (with their permission when they Connect). You can do this right from the Status Update Settings in FB Member Lock, allowing You to Manage all Your Members right from Your WordPress Blog. This can create a Tidal Wave of Traffic to Your Blog, not to mention make Google get really interested in Your Content as well, Increasing Your SEO and Search Rankings tremendously!!

There is No Other Plugin Like this Anywhere!!


Full Unlimited Multisite and Developer’s License Included

Buy Now and get the Full Unlimited Multisite License and Full Developer’s License for the Plugin included in Your Purchase Price.

Plus, don’t forget about our 60 Day, No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. We promise you will be 100% Satisfied with this Plugin or we will Refund your purchase immediately. No Questions Asked!


Get Your Copy of the Social Member Lock Developer License Now!

Your Download will be Instantly Available After Your Purchase is Made and You Register at our Download site.

*Social Member Lock comes with our Standard 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, with a Lifetime License and Automatic Updates


6 reviews for Social Member Lock

    5 out of 5


    FB Member lock is a great plugin to use to bring the viral aspect of social media to your site. I have used it and “like” it a lot. I am excited about the FB review plugin and hope that it is the same quality of FB member lock. is great. Thanks Chuck

    5 out of 5


    Membership sites are one of the most profitable business models available. The hardest part about is getting people to register the first time… but this plugin makes it SO easy, it’s making me feel guilty.

    I almost don’t want to share this with you guys but you’ve given me the keys to an untapped kingdom… I set up a test membership site for a very obscure niche and then set it up as a tab on a new facebook page, built a few likes to the page with ads and magic started to happen.

    Virtually every “like” it gets ends up converting into a free member. The member list is growing up fast and steady and a some of them are giving the paid option a try. I think it’s time to take this “test” seriously and ramp up the marketing!

    5 out of 5


    I’ve been using FB Members lock for 3 months now. I only lock premium posts after providing 350 odd words as an open post. I obviously lose some readers who won’t accept the terms of unlocking my content (my ability to post on their FB wall’s etc etc) but those who do accept turn out to be people who actually want a relationship with me.

    In other words it’s a nice filter that’s not as obtrusive as asking for name and email, obtrusive enough however, to filter out internet trolls looking for free information who have no interest in connecting. What I am left with are real people who I notify by name, on their FB walls when publishing subsequent posts I feel they may want to read.

    I recommend this product for anyone looking to build a list of subscribers they can connect with on a deeper level than email subscribers. This obviously translates into more sales but whats more valuable, is the social proof referrals it facilitates. I spend a lot of money on online advertising and I tell anyone reading this for FREE, one social proof referral (from trusted sources) is worth 200 cold leads from ad clicks.

    5 out of 5


    How many times you bought a wordpress plugin, only to found it useless when wordpress upgrade to a new version because of incompatibility?

    I bought wpfacepages (another plugin by Mike and Daniel) on May 2011.
    Since then, they have major upgrade to version 2.0 on June 2011, then to 2.1, then 2.2.
    Version 3.0 launched on August 2011, then updated on Sept by version 3.1 and 3.2
    Version 3.7 came on Sept 2011, then 3.8.1 and 3.8.2 on Dec 2011
    When facebook come with timeline, they also upgrade it.
    I got version 4.2 Facebook timeline ready on March 2012.
    I only mention some of the versions, not all of them.
    But I believe this is a proof that you can trust Mike and Daniel for a wordpress plugin.

    Now I have WPFacePages along with WPSocial FB Member Lock and 2 other plugins (a total of 4) from Mike & Daniel, ALL with developer license 🙂

    5 out of 5


    So many people these days are weary of posting their email address into a squeeze page. Whereas Facebook Member Lock is a much more subtle and unobtrusive way to deliver premium content, build a member base and receptive optin list all at once, without actually having use a squeeze page.

    With a little imagination there are other ways to take advantage of the membership status, such as restrict comment writing to members only, effectively blocking all spammers. FB member lock is a no brainer.

    5 out of 5


    I’ve bought both the FB Member Lock and the SEO Booster plugin and am very happy with both.

    I’ve used Member Lock on three separate web sites now. What I can say is that with the exception of when I have used paid ad campaigns, then in all cases I have seen growth of my ‘members’ at a much higher rate than with any other method of getting optins, or people willing to connect using their Facebook details. And obviously in the case with FB member Lock, you get the proper opt-in anyway to your auto responder with their primary email address.rather than one they may choose to give you in a standard squeeze system.

    The installation was very easy despite having to create a new Facebook App to integrate with the plugin (that the site visitor connects to). The user guide is very professional. First of all it’s presented in a very stylish way so it’s nice to read if that makes sense – extremely high quality in both the appearance and the content. It makes setting up the plug-in a breeze and I’d say you can have the plugin uploaded, the app created, settings made and your first content protected, published and waiting for potential ‘members’ to uncover within 15 minutes – and probably less than 10 minutes once I’d done it the first time.

    What I particularly like about Mike and Daniel’s products is that they all seem to be very well integrated. This is important for me because you know that when one is updated then it will be tested against all the others. In fact only recently with them developing the new Facebook Review plugin for gathering reviews and sharing them via facebook, they made some discoveries of how the new review plugin could work with rich snippets, then cross pollenated’ this functionality into their SEO Booster plugin too. They also have integrated some of the functionality between Member Lock and the review plugin, so content can be unlocked with this plugin by people leaving a review on FB Review Engine. So having these work in harmony will be very important and I’m sure will mean I won’t have issues with plugins interfering with each other as you can get sometimes.

    Support has been good with both products and updates have been released to address small issues along the way.

    If I have anything to say negatively about FB Member Lock, it’s probably that a little extra background might be helpful on setting up things like the auto update and the birthday message. I’m talking here more about how this may be received by fans – so ideas for the style/types of message to use. Of course this is a very broad area because each business type will have its own style – but maybe a help video could be created using experiences and feedback from users

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