Discover the Best Solution for Creating Scarcity Based Social Media Powered Deals on Your WordPress Website!

Create incredible individual special offers and deals, use multiple scarcity features, and/ or build Your own Daily Deals site, and multiply Your profits fast through advanced Social Media integrations. All of this with unbelievable Support from the best “Social” powered Development team for WordPress online.

Wordpress Social Deals Engine Plugin

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Social Deals Engine Extensions


More Than Just Another Daily Deals Plugin

The Social Deals Engine allows you to configure special offers and deals for Your Site and Your Customers, Your Way.

Fully Customizable Deals

Create Deals and Special Offers Your way. Create dime sales, limited quantity offers, limited time only deals, or create unique combination offers.

Payment Gateways

The Social Deals Engine comes pre-installed with PayPal standard as a part of the built-in shopping cart so You can start selling right away. Need more options?  Look at our Payment Gateway Extensions and find Your preferred merchant partner.

Customer Accounts

Automatic account creation on your site for Your customers. Customers can come back, check on orders, view purchase history, etc.  Plus with our Social Media integration, they can login with their favorite network.

Social Media Integration

Integrations with Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, and LinkedIn make this a powerful tool in Your Ecommerce arsenal.  Get more exposure from every deal with our powerful social media setup.

Individual or Multiple Deals

With the Social Deals Engine You have the flexibility to create individual deals and special offers on Your current site or You can create a full daily deals type site. It is up to you. The plugin can do it all.

Unlimited Vendors

Create an unlimited number of offers and deals through an unlimited number of vendors and merchants. Each deal is an individual entity which can be configured for specific vendors or partnerships based on Your requirements.  This can be expanded through our Vendors Extension.

Built-in Shopping Cart

No need to integrate with 3rd Party tools, our built in shopping cart with one page Checkout makes selling Your products easy and makes customers happy.  We make selling Your offers easy.

Works with Any Theme

We built the plugin to work with You, not against You. Use it on any WordPress Theme and customize the look and feel with our Custom CSS options. The plugin is as flexible as You need it to be.

Fully Extendable

You can download and use the main plugin on its own for Free or You can add to it by using any of our powerful Extensions to increase the functionality, add to Your Mailing List, and integrate with other services. See our Extension Library here.

Using WooCommerce?  Take a look at our WooCommerce ONLY Edition of the Social Deals Engine.

Extending the Possibilities

Get more from the Social Deals Engine through highly optimized Extensions built for maximizing Your success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions about the Social Deals Engine

Is the Social Deals Engine Plugin Free?

Yes, the Social Deals Engine Plugin for WordPress is completely Free and can be downloaded here on this page or from its listing in the directory here.

What WordPress Themes can I use?

You can use the Social Deals Engine Plugin with almost ANY WordPress theme.  While the plugin works with most themes, there will always be those which don’t based on poor coding, conflicting CSS, and through theme induced conflicts.

What Theme was used for the Live Demo Site?

The Live Demo Site was built using our own Social Review Theme.

How do the extensions work with the main plugin?

The main Social Deals Engine Plugin is the core of the deals system. It comes with a lot of built in functionality and can be used on its own. In order to keep the plugin from being too heavy by adding every feature imaginable, we created Extensions which allow you to add specific functionality to the main plugin that you require for your site. These Extensions cannot be used with any other Plugins and can only be installed after the main Social Deals Engine plugin is installed and activated on your WordPress site.

How do I setup and configure the Social Deals Engine?

You can see how to setup and configure the plugin in our Knowledge Base here.

Can I use the other WP Social Plugins with the Social Deals Engine Plugin?

Yes.  All our Plugins have been built to integrate seamlessly with the Social Deals Engine.  We have paid particular attention to maximizing the integrations with our Social SEO Pro Plugin and the Social Review Engine Plugin (which is being used on the Social Deals Engine Live Demo site as well).

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