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The Ultimate Fan Page Tool for Any Business 

When we were originally designing the Social Review Engine Plugin we knew we wanted to be able to use the Review System on Facebook itself.  Never in a million years did we think we would end up designing anything as powerful as this.  


Not Only can you easily add the Social Review Engine Review System to Unlimited Tabs on an Unlimited Number of Facebook Fan Pages, Now you can put ANYTHING you do in WordPress on Facebook and you can do it so seamlessly that anyone who sees your Content on Facebook will think it was done by a Pro!  Whether you build Fan Pages for yourself or if you do it for Clients, you are going to want this Plugin!

Introducing the….

WP Social Fan Page Builder 

 With our Easy to Use Drag ‘N Drop Fan Page Builder you can churn out Tabs for Your Facebook Fan Pages in record time and it is so Simple to Use ANYONE can Create Professional looking Fan Pages in no time at all.  If you can do it in WordPress already, it just got even easier with the WP Social Fan Page Builder.


Watch the Demo Video Below:

Now you can churn out Professional looking Fan Pages in no Time and you can add in any Custom Shortcodes or capabilities from ANY Plugin or Theme you are currently using for your WordPress Blog.

No other WordPress Plugin gives you the flexibility to create custom pages using any plugin or tool you already have in conjunction with the most Dynamic Drag ‘N Drop Page Builder you have ever seen!


Drag ‘N Drop Your Way to Facebook Success with WordPress on Unlimited Tabs on an Unlimited Number of Facebook Fan Pages!

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 You Can Use the WP Social Fan Page Builder to:

  • Create Custom Fan Page Tabs in Minutes using our Amazing Drag ‘N Drop Functionality

  • Use 18 Built in Custom Features with Instant Click Technology, then drag them around the Page Builder to organize your content any way you want.

  • Customize each Custom Feature to include your Custom Content in ANY way you wish.  

  • Turn off the Page Builder and use it in combination with ANY WordPress Plugin, Theme, or Post Editor function you already have on Your WordPress Blog.  Unlimited Integration and Usage of any features.

  • Use the Drag ‘N Drop Fan Gate/ Like Gate ANYWHERE on Your Fan Pages.  Make visitors ‘Like’ your Fan Page in order to access your content for the entire page or just for a part of the page.  One use per page.

Built with Incredible Custom Features


Creating a Professional looking page is never easy.  Not until now that is.  Now with the WP Social Fan Page Builder’s click and drag features you can add content like a Pro and ever have to worry about Page formatting issues or working with advanced Shortcode paramters which do nothing but confuse you and your content.


With the Fan Page Builder all you have to do is Click on one of our 18 Custom Features and then Drag them or resize them to fit anywhere on the page you are building in any way you want to display them.


Quickly Click on the edit button for each feature and add, change, or remove content in just a few clicks.  Nowhere else will you find a Tool which is as simple yet powerful.


Here are the Current 18 Custom Features used in the Fan Page Builder:

  • Text Boxes

  • Message Boxes

  • Custom Buttons

  • Call to Action Buttons

  • Custom Lists

  • Custom Accordions (for unlimited levels of content)

  • Custom Tabs (for unlimited Tabbed content)

  • Custom Toggles

  • Dividers

  • Ratings Boxes

  • Special Offers/ Deals

  • Images/ Pictures

  • Videos

  • Maps

  • Pricing Tables

  • Code Boxes

  • Fan Gates

  • Plus FB Review Engine Integration


Increase Fan Page ‘Likes’ by 257% !!

We have found through Testing that using the ‘Fan Gate’ feature increased our Fan Page Fans by 257% during a recent Test on one of our Facebook Fan Pages.  This is known industry wide and while some people have even more success with Fan Gates (or Like Gates), 200% is considered to be around the industry average.  This is why we considered this to be such an essential feature in the Plugin.


You don’t see this except on high end APPS anymore, but with the WP Social Fan Page Builder it is just another one of our great Custom Features!!


Multisite/ Developer License Included


Not only are we taking the Plugin to the Next Level, we also realize that this Plugin has so much power and ease of use that it would be Stupid to ask you to use it on just one site.  We also wanted to be able to Thank You properly for your purchase of FB Review Engine as well.


Therefore, we are also giving you complete the Complete Multisite/ Developer’s License with your Plugin purchase today as a Free Bonus!  No, this does not mean you can sell the Plugin, but it does mean you can use it on an Unlimited Number of Client Sites you build or sell for Profit.


This Plugin is so Powerful and Feature Rich, You can Build a Complete Business with this RIGHT NOW!


60 Day Money Back Guarantee!!


We believe in our work and in our strong commitment to Customer Service.  Just like the Social Review Engine Plugin, we give you are Guarantee of Excellence and Dedication to Service with our 60 Day, No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee.  We believe in the Plugins we create.  You need to believe in them and us.  This is our Pledge to You!


Take the Next Step Towards Success.  Integrate Your Success into Facebook with the WP Social Fan Page Builder Now!!



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