Over the last 6 months we have been slowly and quietly working on a new plugin which could help magnify and increase traffic and profits for any type of business and any type of internet marketer.  We have definitely done that now with the Social Deals Engine Plugin for WordPress.

Built as an Extendable Plugin, the Social Deals Engine is not just for product owners, it is also for Affiliate and CPA Marketers.  We have built the plugin to be both productive and versatile in how it performs.  The breadth of features the plugin has is extremely extensive and this is why we have made the plugin much like other extendable plugins in that you don’t have to install every extension if you don’t need it, thus lightening the load on your WordPress blog and keeping the clutter to a minimum.  You can create a full Deals Website or simply run individual offers.  The Plugin works with any WordPress Theme and can be customized to do exactly what you need it to do for your Business.

The Social Deals Engine allow you to run Deals and Offers for ANY products and/ or Services whether you own them or not.  Then have these Offers Socially Shared for increased Traffic, enhanced with Rich Snippets for a massive SEO boost, and then also integrate with any 3rd Party Mailing List provider like Aweber, Getresponse, Mailchimp, Mad Mimi, and more.  The plugin will increase your profits no matter what you want to offer.

We are running a 7 Day Only Special Offer Launch for the Plugin, then after the 7 Day Offer has expired, we will be moving to a very different model for the Social Deals Engine, but one which may look very familiar to you as well.  We will be offering the Base Social Deals Engine plugin for Free on WordPress.org.  Then, we will be hosting all the available Extensions for the plugin here on WPSocial.com for sale.  The 7 Day Special Offer for the Plugin will include all current extensions of the Plugin.  Right now there are 8 Extensions which include:  Social Sharing Discounts, Claim Listing Offers, Shipping, Taxes, PayPal Adaptive Payments, Stripe Payments, Authorize.net Payments, and our Discount Codes Extension.

7 Day Special Offer Launch:  Wednesday, May 1st at 12:00 PM EST  (Special Offer Closing at 12:00 PM EST May 8th, 2013)

The 7 Day Special Offer is Over and Has Been Closed.  Join the Notification List Below to Receive Updates When the Plugin is Officially Added to the WPSocial.com site here for Purchase.

*Note:  The Social Deals Engine Developer Bundle (Main Plugin + 7 Extensions) is available as a part of the WP Social Developer Bundle here at WPSocial.com.


There is so much in this plugin that I have made a Video Demo to show you the power this incredible plugin has.

Take a look:  (You can also test all the features yourself on the Social Deals Engine Demo Blog)


Increase Social Sharing by 300% for Each Visitor

Through the Social Sharing Discounts Extension you can allow visitors to your offers get instant discounts by Sharing your offers on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.  In the Plugin Admin as shown in the Video above, you can set a Discount for each Social Share, thus ensuring a 300% increase in Social Shares for each and every Visitor to your individual offers, plus, you also increase the Conversion Rates as well by getting your Visitor involved in lowering the price, thus becoming engaged in your offer and ready to buy with an average of an 89% Conversion rate on those who Socially Share your offers for Discounts.

This Social Sharing Discount feature can be used on ANY type of offer.  It is up to you and your imagination on how to make it an effective tool for Affiliate and CPA Offers as well.

Product Owner or Partner Offers

As I talked about above, the plugin was built to be a tool for all types of Marketers.  It has a strong set of features and with its integrated Shopping Cart (which comes with PayPal Standard already integrated in the base plugin) which allows you to do offers of your own products, physical products with shipping or simply using Vouchers, Digital Downloads with Download Protection, JV or Partner offers with auto split pay (for up to 6 Partners) using PayPal Adaptive Payments, Payment integration with Authorize.net and/ or Stripe, Discount Codes for increased promotional capabilities.


Affiliate and CPA Offers

As you can see by going to our Demo Blog via the link above, our Affiliate and CPA Offer listings can either direct visitors straight to these offers or you can use our Claim Listing feature which allows you to do things like add users to your Mailing List.  For CPA and Affiliate Offers with Coupon Codes, we have found that building CPA Landing Pages with the plugin is extremely effective and by using the Claim Listing feature, you can deliver your Coupon Codes and Offer Links via email, convert and get the Commission for the Offer, then have the individuals on your Mailing List for continued promotions.  Our Direct Affiliate Linking System pointed at Special Offers on Amazon and other sites has proven to be highly effective as well.

Entire Affiliate and CPA focused Niche Deal sites can be created using this plugin and with the layout and features the plugin has they can be built very fast.



As usual we always ensure that each and every one of our plugins integrate with the others and this is especially true for the Social Deals Engine.  As you know, in order to maximize the effectiveness of any Deal or Special Offer, Reviews and Ratings for the offers can increase Conversions and Profits anywhere from 40-440%.  That is why we have integrated the Social Review Engine and Review Purchase Validation into both plugins so they can cross integrate with each other.  As you can see by looking at the Demo, we are also using the Social Review Theme with the plugin and by virtue of the integration with the Social Review Engine and Social Deals Engine you can have a beautiful Deals site running in a matter of minutes.

With our Social SEO focus, we have also ensured that the WP Social SEO Booster Pro plugin has been integrated as well.  With our Social Sharing features in the Social Deals Plugin, by using the SEO Booster Plugin you can quickly ensure each offer or deal is socially shared exactly the way you want it to be.  You can customize the look, title, description, and links to each offer’s social shares across Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus with this built in integration and this will definitely help increase your profits when Visitors to your site share your offers via the Social Sharing Discounts Extension.

Coming Soon…

We are big fans of WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads here at WP Social and we will be releasing Extensions which allow the Social Deals Engine to be used with both those Plugins as well, thus increasing its overall flexibility for those businesses who use those plugins for their WordPress sites.  Plus, we want to be able to use it right here on WP Social as well. 🙂



For those in the WordPress Community who want to extend the capabilities of the Social Deals Engine for your own use, you are in luck.  We will be opening up the Development of the plugin to any 3rd Part Developers who want to build extensions for the plugin.  We will also be allowing Developers to add your extensions to the Social Deals Engine Extension Marketplace when it opens up in the very near future.  More information will be coming on this soon.


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