A New Social Review Engine Update was uploaded today and you should see it in your WordPress Updates list.  Be aware though, it will look drastically different on your WordPress blogs and this is a good thing.  You see, we took the bland look of the Review Submission Form and we made it “Social” as it is supposed to be.  This new look is coupled with some great functionality which will help increase the number of Reviews you receive on your site due to ease of use and the Trust factor which we have increased with this update as well.

Take a look at the New Submission Form:

New Review Submission Form

Don’t worry, the functionality hasn’t changed at all.  You can still pick and choose what Social Services you want to use and the order the Social Icons are listed in.  You can also decide if you want to allow WordPress Submissions (which is what the Name and Email form submission in the picture above is for).

Dynamic Presentation

Now, this form presents itself Dynamically.  You have to see it for yourself to understand.  When you see it at first you might say, “I think there is something wrong with my installation”.  No, you see, the form is dynamic which means it doesn’t display all its options until a Star Rating is chosen and the Reviewer starts to write the Review.  Once these 2 things happen, the Social Icons and Name form field will appear.  In fact, the email field shown in the picture above won’t even display until a Reviewer types in their Name in the Name field.  The best way to experience this is via our Live Demo here:

Social Review Engine Demo


Increased Trust with Reviewer Validation

Now, we have also added a new Trust enhancement feature which will increase the Trust Factor in your Reviews, thus increasing their effectiveness on your blog.  It is called Reviewer Validation.  We now show a Validation link on Reviews posted by confirmed Social Connections.  If someone writes a Review on Your Blog and does it via one of our Social Media Connections, they then are Validated and their Review gets a Validation Icon.  Plus, as always, you also see the Reviewer’s picture from their Social Media Account as well.  All of this increases the Trust Factor on your site, telling Visitors that the Reviews posted on your site can be Trusted.  Trust equals higher Conversions every time and now we have enhanced it immensely with this new update.

Here is an Example:

Trust Enhancement Features

*As you can see in the picture above, we have also changed the Agree feature from saying “Agree” to using a “Like” indicator.  In testing, we have found that this will increase the Social Interaction on this feature alone by 15-20%.  

If you haven’t Purchased the Social Review Theme yet, remember there are only 2 days left before our first of 2 Major Price increases hit.  On Monday April 1st, the price of the Social Review Engine will jump from $27 (with the SEO Booster Pro plugin as a Free Bonus and FUll Developer License) to $67 without the Free Bonus Plugin, but it will still have the Developer License.  On April 15th the Developer License will go up to $97 and the Multisite License will cost $67.  In fact, the SEO Booster Pro is going up in price as well.  There is way too many features and too much Value in these plugins to sell them at these introductory prices.  That is why we are boosting things up.

Don’t miss out on this Limited Time Offer Here:  Social Review Engine Limited Time Offer

Coming Soon

In our next update, we will also be adding in the ability to allow Reviewers to Socially Share their Reviews themselves as a part of the Review Submission process.  We think this feature will garner a tremendous amount of additional Viral Traffic for your Sites, not to mention, additional Social Media Signals for the Search Engines as well.

We also are adding WooCommerce 2.0 integration to the Social Review Theme directly, to make it a one stop “shop” for those of you who like the WooCommerce integration we already have in the Social Review Engine Plugin.

Our next plugin which will be released in April is called WP Social Deals.  It is not just another “Deals” plugin, I can tell you that.  It will integrate with everything we already have here, so you can guarantee it will be another great addition to our already great stable of WordPress Social Plugins.  And Yes, don’t worry, the WP Social Fan Page Engine is on its way as well.  It is taking awhile as we just keep adding stuff to it.  It is going to really be a one of a kind plugin I can tell you that.


Site Changes Coming Next Week

We are changing the Theme and Payment processing system on WPSocial.com next week.  We are switching to a WooCommerce 2.0 Responsive theme and WooCommerce 2.0 Payment processing setup.  We want to make things easier for our customers and right now the setup with JVZoo is too cumbersome and complicated.  We are aiming to change that.

We have more on the horizon, but that it it for now.  We would love to hear your comments, so please leave them below.