In our quest to make the user experience at WP Social better and more professional, we made quite a few changes to the layout and design of the site.  You spoke and we listened.  From tons of Customer Feedback requests we implemented a series of changes which are all meant to make WP Social better for the casual visitor, new customers, and current product owners alike.

We have completely redesigned with a new Theme and a new shopping cart.  Both are from WooThemes.  We are now using the SuperStore Theme and we are using WooCommerce 2.0 for our Shopping Cart.  The integration we already have with the Social Review Engine and WooCommerce made it a no brainer to add and the integration of WooCommerce with the Superstore Theme made it a match made in heaven.  We have another upcoming project site and we plan on using this combination again because it simply works well.

The Superstore Theme allows us to really put everything happening at front and center, right on the Home Page.  It also allows us to make Navigating and finding everything you need here a lot easier as well.  One of the things we love about it is the ability to allow Customers to login to your Account Dashboard at the top of every page on the site.  You can also change your password there as well.  You still will need to manage your Personal Profile through the links in the Member Dashboard, but other than that, this new feature has made accessing your account a lot easier than before.  *The Edit Address button in the Account Toolbar is not needed, but you never know when we might start selling physical products. 🙂

WP Social Login

One of the main drivers for switching to WooCommerce as opposed to using JVZoo like we were, was to make purchasing and registering for our plugins and themes here easier.  As quite a few of you experienced, purchasing through JVZoo and registering here at the site took multiple steps and could be quite confusing if you had never used JVZoo’s system before.  We still like JVZoo and still use it, but for everyday use it just isn’t practical.  Now when you purchase a product here from the site you will receive your Registration and Product Access information right away with no need to go through everything twice.  We have already received some great comments on this and we can see that this change has already been appreciated by our Customers.

Now, with WooCommerce, Customers also have the ability to purchase multiple Products from us at once instead of one at a time.  This makes the purchase process twice as fast as before and allows you to quickly get the product you want and start using it fast.  The WooCommerce addition also allows us to offer Bundle Offers, Coupons, and other Deals for Customers that just weren’t easy to put together before.  You will see our New Bundle Packages here in the very near future.

We will also be implementing a new Affiliate Program for our JV’s and Affiliates in the next week or so which will allow you to take advantage of this new system along with new Banners and other Affiliate Tools to help you promote the Products here at WP Social if you want to.  Our New System will automatically enroll all Customers into the Affiliate Program automatically which will keep you from having to go through multiple registrations as well.

We are still working on our new Licensing System for the Plugins here at WP Social and we do not have a timeline for its completion right now.  Hopefully we will have more news on that sooner than later.  This is important because when this new system is complete, we will no longer offer just one License for all products like we do now (Developer License).  We will be increasing our prices and tightening up the licensing to protect our plugins and how they are used.  We have found there to be way too much abuse in this area and we want to protect the value and work we have put into all our products.


Social Review Engine Updated

A small update to the Social Review Engine was released last Friday in case you missed it.  We fixed a few small bugs and we also increased the integration with WooCommerce and SRE.  Now, the Reviews system links work with the Social Review Engine Reviews.  The big addition though is now when a Review is submitted by a Verified Buyer of the product, the Review shows a “Verified Purchase” icon; bringing that much more Trust and Value to the Reviews left on your WooCommerce enabled site with the Social Review Engine.

This same functionality will be added for those who use the Easy Digital Downloads plugin in the next few weeks as well.

That is all the updates I have for now.  Thanks and Enjoy the New look.

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