More than just a name change, this has been a long time coming.  Ever since we first released the SEO Booster in June of 2012 we knew it was a cutting edge and powerful SEO plugin and for quite some time we have recognized that the Social SEO Booster Pro is more than an SEO “booster”.  The plugin is a highly sophisticated and functional SEO and Social Media Optimization plugin for WordPress.  One which we consider to be essential for every WordPress website owner.

With that in mind, we have now renamed the WP Social SEO Booster Pro plugin to the “WP Social SEO Pro” plugin.


Critical SEO and Social Media Optimizations

The Social SEO Pro Plugin comes with several key optimizations and integrations which are critical to your WordPress website’s SEO and Social Media Optimizations.  It is important to note that Social Media Signals and how they are shared across all the different Social platforms (Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, LinkedIN, Pinterest) can make or break your SEO.  As of last Summer it was already noted by SearchMetrics and MOZ that Social Media Signals dominate the top ranking factors for Google Search.  Along with that, Google has now attributed more ranking factors to Rich Snippet Microdata through in-depth “Article” attributes, Authorship, AuthorRank, Reviews, Videos, and much, much more.  The WP Social SEO Pro plugin takes care of all this and it goes above and beyond what other “SEO” plugins do.


Why Do I Need a Social SEO Plugin for My Site?

This is probably one of the most common questions we receive.  Why do I need a plugin like this?  The answer is simple to an SEO, yet it might sound very complicated to the every day user.  You see, Social Media Signals are sent from your blog to the different social networks each and every time a piece of content is shared from your site.  If you simply let Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, LinkedIN, Pinterest, and all the other smaller networks grab any title, description, and image they want from your site; you lose any potential optimization you may have.  With a plugin like the SEO Pro you not only are able to optimize each of these for each social network individually, you also are able to go beyond that and use the vast array of utilities the API’s of these services offer as we outlined here previously.

With the SEO Pro Plugin, you can optimize every facet of the social media optimization experience with Titles, Descriptions, Images, Content Types, Videos, APPs, Locations, Product Information, and more.  You can see all the settings in the Image Gallery here.

Plus, with the plugin we have gone way beyond the basics of SMO and now have it fully integrated with other highly powerful SEO aspects as well.

Google and Facebook Authorship

The SEO aspects begin with Google Authorship and Google Publisher status.  What most people do not even realize is there is now Facebook Authorship and Publisher status as well and the Social SEO Plugin is the only plugin which currently has this integration for your entire site.  With Facebook Authorship you are now able to stamp your name and your Business’ Brand on content which is shared by you personally (Authorship) and that which is shared by your Fan Pages (Publisher status).  This allows Facebook users who are NOT your friends and NOT Fans of your Fan Pages to quickly Subscribe to you and/ or become a Fan of your Pages quickly whenever your content is shared by someone on Facebook or from your website.  This is extremely powerful and it is something you need to do now if you are not already.

Facebook Authorship Rich Snippet Microdata

Google’s latest push has been on using what they confusingly call Structured Data.  Everyone else commonly knows this as microdata from or “rich snippets”  These snippets are used to provide Google and other search engine which support it with essential information which cannot always be garnered via the indexing of your content by the GoogleBOT.  Information like Ratings and Reviews, Product information and Pricing, Event information and details, Business Name, Address, and Phone Number (NAP), Recipe information, and much, much more.


Putting it All Together

With the SEO Pro plugin this is all integrated into everything else we have provided, giving you the ability to tell Google (and other search engines like Bing) everything about your site and its content versus “hoping” they will figure it out.  This all contributes to providing you, your business, and your website with the ability to rank higher in search for more search terms in a highly specified manner, transmit highly focused social media signals to Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, LinkedIN, and Pinterest, and optimize your site beyond basic SEO like you get from tools like the WordPress SEO Plugin from Yoast and the All in One SEO Pack plugin (which the Social SEO Pro plugin integrates with both).

There is a lot more that the plugin has to offer, so I invite you to take a look at the newly renamed WP Social SEO Pro plugin here.

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