We have finally completed the licensing update for all of the WP Social Plugins. If you have not seen it already, you will see automatic Update Notifications in your WordPress Admin for all of the Plugins you currently have installed from WPSocial.com within the next 24 hours (depending on Your Hosting account it might be available right now).  This post is a follow up to our previous update about the new Licensing System here and the follow up about it with the release of the Social Deals Engine here.

Important: Download and Update to the New Licensing Plugin Now.

Everyone Needs to Download this new Version. You need to do this even if You have downloaded it already. We have done a minor update and fix to the plugin so the Update Plugin will also Auto Upgrade when Updates are available for it. You will need this or the new Updates for all the WP Social Plugins will not work for you.

Wordpress Plugin Licensing WooCommerce

It is important to add the WP Social Updates Plugin (Licensing) before you Upgrade to the latest versions of the Plugins. This will ensure a seamless transition to the new setup and will keep everything on Your site running without any issues.

You will notice when you login to the WPSocial.com site that things are a little bit different. Gone is the old Member Area with the Buttons for each Download. Now, all your Downloads and Licensing are on one page and it is easy to navigate and access all of your purchases.

*Note:  In order to login to Your Customer Account, either Click the My Account link or Icon which is located at the Top Right of every page on the WPSocial.com website.  All old links for logging in are invalid so Please replace your current Bookmarks with this page.


Knowledge Base

On the My Account page you will also notice links to the Knowledge Base. The Knowledge Base is where you will find all the Installation and Setup Tutorials for all of our Products. We are continually working on this area to make it bigger and better, so please be patient as this takes quite a bit of time to develop. For the most part though, all of our products are represented in the Knowledge Base quite well and You should be able to get all the information you need there for using your WP Social purchases.

You can get to the Knowledge Base via the Support link in the main navigation above.  Support > Knowledge Base >

Main Knowledge Base

Social Deals Engine Knowledge Base


September Discount Code

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Thanks and Good Luck!