If you purchased any WP Social Plugin before March 30, 2013 or were/ are a Profit Marketer Member who uses WP Social Plugins you may have experienced a Licensing Issue recently and this post is meant to explain why and what you need to do to fix it.

Please note that if you purchased any of our products here on our site in the last 3 months most likely this does not affect you at all.  This information and issue with the licensing system is strictly for those who previously purchased WP Social plugins while they were hosted at ProfitMarketer.com.

As of March 1st of this year, I left Profit Marketer where I partnered with Gary Prendergast. In mid to late 2012, WP Social products, which were all developed by Daniel Waser in partnership with me (Mike Johnson), were added to Profit Marketer’s Membership via an agreement with myself, Gary, and Daniel. When I left Profit Marketer at the beginning of March, all of the WP Social products which were hosted at Profit Marketer had to be moved to the WPSocial.com site. As of May 1st, the agreement to continue to provide WP Social products to Profit Marketer was cancelled.

What this meant was that all download and update locations for the WP Social products were moved to WPSocial.com and a completely new licensing system had to be created to support this.

We have received a ton of support tickets from those of you who downloaded and used WP Social plugins from Profit Marketer and now are receiving error messages in your blog that your License is currently invalid. What you and others may be experiencing right now is that the Licensing Server at Profit Marketer is no longer supporting WP Social products. Your product access is still available at WP Social, but due to the change of location and licensing system, the Version of your current plugins are not compatible with the new WP Social licensing system.

What this means is you must download new Versions of your Plugins from your account on WPSocial.com in the Member My Account Dashboard. This can be accessed by logging in here to WPSocial.com. Our login icons are at the top right of every page on the site (you can see them above here right now).

Once you are in the Member Dashboard, you can then click on and access the download pages for each plugin. The License Key Generator is also on each download page. You must generate a separate key for each plugin individually. One license key can be used for unlimited plugin installations of the same plugin, but each plugin we have on the site, requires a different key. This is different from the API at Profit Marketer.

*No license is required for the Social Review Theme.

I was able to mass import almost all accounts from Profit Marketer to WPSocial.com. If you have not logged in to WPSocial.com before now, but have purchased WP Social products or were a Life/ Developer Member of Profit Marketer, then there is a good chance your account has already been created using your registered email and in some cases your login name is exactly the same as it was there. All you need to do to access the site is to use the Lost Password tool on WPSocial.com (which can be accessed on any page there via the icons at the top right of each page) and you will then be able to access your previous purchases.

If there are any account errors, please let us know by submitting a support request via the Support Menu link in the Navigation Menu above.


You can update all of our plugins and not lose your previous settings. You can deactivate and delete your current plugin and install the new version here at WPSocial.com and it will not hurt your site. All settings will be restored as they are saved in the WP Database. You can also unzip the download file and upload it over your previous installation via FTP in the WP Content folder > plugins for your WP Installation. This is the preferred method if you know how.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

Thank you for being a WP Social Customer.
Mike Johnson