You have talked and we have listened.  In our continuing goal to provide our Customers with the best Support we can, we have moved our Support System from the UserVoice Platform to FreshDesk.  With this change comes an easier way to manage Support Tickets, a very robust integrated Knowledge Base, and even a Support Forum where you can now ask questions and get answers which not only will help you, but help others.

We have also added a red tab on the side of each page labeled Support so you can quickly submit support tickets or browse Knowledge Base solutions to get the help you require.

While we are currently transitioning over to this new system, there may be a hickup or 2 and we are still finishing up the Knowledge Base, so their may be a link missing here or there, a Video which needs to be added, etc.  Please just realize all this is being worked on and will continue to be upgraded and made better each and every day.  A lot of work has already gone into making our Support and Help mechanisms for You better and better.

We understand their are links in the plugins to the old System, but these are being changed and updated as well, so please be patient with it while this transition is completed over the next week or so.  We apologize for any inconvenience you might experience during this transition, but if you use the links here in the Main Menu above and the Support tab on your left you shouldn’t have any problems at all.

Our New Support Portal can be found here:  WP Social Support Portal

With this new system you will be able to find answers to common questions faster and get instant help while submitting tickets if your question has been asked before.  It will take a few weeks to really see the benefit of the new system, but the way it is built, it will get better as time goes on due to the sheer amount of content which will be produced by You and our team here at

The new Knowledge Base was needed badly.  While we simply tried to use a plugin for this, it wasn’t very intuitive and it did not have a very good Search functionality.  this is fixed now with the new Knowledge Base (Solutions) and it comes with Instant Answers as you type your questions.  We think this will help you find what you need twice as fast as before.  Plus, with it being integrated into the Ticket System, you now will get answers to your questions even before your ticket is submitted in some cases if the question has been asked previously.

We added the Support Forum because you asked for it.  Remember though, the Forum is not a place to ask for Technical Support, but for usage questions.  This means that if you are having a technical issue which will most likely require a Support Tech or Developer here at WP Social to help you fix it, then you should submit a ticket.  The forum is for discussion on usage and techniques for usage as well which can be shared between Yourself, our team, and other users as well.  We think it will provide a great deal of help for our users here to get the most from the plugins and themes we produce.

You do not even have to register on the site, simply use Your WP Social login and password or if you are already logged in to WP Social, the Single Sign-on technology will automatically log you in.

Thanks for continuing to be great Customers.  We endeavor to provide you all with the best Help and Support we can when using our products and we hope you appreciate this new System as a continuing step in providing you with more help and a higher level of support.


Thanks Again,

Mike Johnson & Daniel Waser