We have released a Social Deals Engine update as well as exciting major updates to the Vouchers and Vendors extensions.. Vouchers and Vendors are now fully integrated. Vendors can access “Check Voucher Code” page and mark vouchers as redeemed. Vendors can also access purchased and Used voucher codes which are assigned to their products. Both require Social Deals engine v2.1.3 or later.

Voucher changes:
– Added a Check Voucher page, where vendor / admin can check if voucher code is valid or not and mark it as “Redeemed” if voucher code is valid.
– Added a shortcode [sde_vou_check_code] to allow users to access “check voucher code” page on frontend.
– Added support for Buyers Name, Buyers Email, Deal Title, Deal Price and Order Id to display in Voucher Pdf.
– Added a option to generate 1 voucher code per pdf.
– Added action to delete all used and purchased vouchers codes when order is deleted.
– Added option to configure bottom margin for voucher pdf.
– Added support to work with Vendors Extension.
– Added Used and Purchased voucher codes report pages.
– Added voucher data information on view deal sale page for admin.
– Resolved voucher builder editor bug created with WordPress version 4.0.
– Resolved chosen CSS issue with Chrome.
– Prevent to select past dates for Expire date picker.
– Restored vouchers codes back to product meta when order status become “cancelled”.
– Fixed major bug with characters in Greek alphabet not displaying properly.
– Fixed a bug that caused voucher settings to be lost when saving a draft.
– Requires Social Deals engine v2.1.3 or later.

Vendors Changes :
-Added support to register as vendor from “My Account” registration form.
-Linking Commissions to Orders.
-Moved Commisions to Trash when order status become “cancelled” or “Refunded”.
-Added option to Auto Approve deals from all vendors.
-Added support to work with Vouchers extension.
-Requires Social Deals engine v2.1.3 or later.