If you have visited the site here at WPSocial.com over the last few days I am sure you noticed there has been a major change underfoot here at the site.  We have upgraded not just our theme and look here, but we have also upgraded several of our internal systems as well.  We are working towards a more simplified, yet professional way of doing business here and the new look is just a part of it.

Under the “Products” link in the main menu above you will see a new Mega Menu which displays all of our main Product links.  This was a great way for us to make everything easier to find and less cumbersome.  It also helped us clean up our main navigation menu quite a bit, streamlining things.


Member Account Access

The first thing we were asked was “where is the Member/ Customer area, where do I find my downloads?”.  Nothing has changed.  The “My Account” page is still in the same location.  The only difference is there is no “icon” to click on at the top of the page.  We may replace the current My Account link in the main navigation with a button in the future, but for right now you can access your account here at WP Social simply by clicking on the “My Account” link via either the main navigation menu at the top of every page or via the footer menu at the bottom of each page here.  It is that easy.


New Pricing Plans

We have tried to simplify pricing by allowing customers 3 basic ways to get complete 100% Access to every product (plugin and theme) we offer here for one price.  You will see on the main menu above there is now a “Pricing” link.  The Pricing page has 3 ways to get access to everything.

You Can Join WP Social and Get Complete Access to Everything with Developer License by:

  • Join the Developer Club for $19 per month (plus a $27 signup fee added to the first month).
  • Purchase the Yearly Developer Option for $97 per year (limited time offer).
  • Purchase the Lifetime Developer License for a one time price of $247

*You can still purchase each Plugin and Theme here at WP Social individually if you want.

**These prices are not retroactive.  Meaning, if you purchased several products from us in the past, this does not mean you will be able to upgrade to one of these plans for Free or at a discount.  This pricing is a new package we implemented on March 15th and it will be the model we follow for the foreseeable future.


Monthly Lifetime Developer License Giveaway – 5 Winners to Be Announced!

As you have most likely already seen, we have started a new monthly Giveaway.  On April 11, 2014 at 12:00 PM Noon EST we will be randomly drawing 5 names from the entrants of the Giveaway.  These 5 people will receive the Lifetime Developer License from WP Social for Free.  This is the $247 option I listed above and it is worth at least $1200, but most likely a lot more since all Lifetime Developer License holders also receive all new product releases for Free for Life.

If you have not entered the Monthly Giveaway yet, you can either enter via the Popup Box in the bottom right hand side of your browser window, or you can get more information on the Giveaway and Enter to Win here:

Lifetime Developer License Giveaway


What do you think of the new look and navigation?

Let us know in the comments below.  We want to make the site better for everyone.  All suggestions and constructive comments are welcome.