Social Deals Engine WooCommerce Edition

Social Deals Engine WooCommerce Edition

Create Flexible Daily Deals and Special Offers with Your WooCommerce Products in Minutes!

Checkout the Incredible New Update! With our WooCommerce Deals Extension you can now create an unlimited number of Deals, Daily Deals, and Special Offers using the products you have listed in your WooCommerce powered store on your Wordpress blog.  This Plugin works with any WooCommerce compatible Theme, making it the only Extension for WooCommerce of its kind.   *This Wordpress Plugin is NOT compatible with the standard version of the Social Deals Engine or its Extensions listed here on this site.  It has been built specifically for use with WooCommerce only.  

Support for WooCommerce Pdf Vouchers – NEW

Social Deals Engine WooCommerce Edition now supports the use of the WooCommerce Pdf Vouchers so that you can allow customers to add a value for their voucher to be redeemed with the new price field. Vouchers still cannot be redeemed as coupons for the online store, but can be used in person for the value entered at purchase, just like vouchers for which you set the amount. Turn your downloadable vouchers into physical gift certificates for redemption in person!


Product Description

Create Stunning Individual Deals and Offers or Create a Complete WooCommerce Daily Deals Site Fast!


Show Off all Your Deals on “The Deals Page”!



Use Social Sharing Discounts!


Integrate Deals with Different Prices Using Product Variations!


Create Dime Sales Based on Your Settings!


Make Customers Claim Their Offer via Email!

*Can be used with Affiliate Products



Show Off Upcoming Deals with the Normal Price Displayed Until the Offer Goes Live!


Show Off Upcoming Deals Showing the Special Offer Pricing!


Show Your Scarcity When Your Time Based Offer Expires!


Show Your Scarcity When Your Inventory/ Stock Based Offer Expires!


Want to create scarcity based deals, daily deals, or special offers for your WooCommerce powered storefront?  Look no further.  With the Social Deals Engine WooCommerce Edition plugin you can create deals based on your own parameters using our ultra flexible settings which allow you to create deals and offers which fit your customers and your site.

Create Deals with:

  • Social Sharing Discount Options – Have the price lower instantly for every Facebook Like, Fan Page Like, Twitter Tweet, and Google +1; boosting social sharing, traffic, and sales!
  • Variable Pricing – Showcase different pricing deals on Product Variations for each individual product listing!
  • Time Limited – Set the timer for your offer and watch as it counts down to the end, creating massive scarcity and a rush to buy before it ends.  This tried and tested method works for a huge sales boost every time!
  • Limited Inventory – Set your inventory at a set number for your Deals and have them close automatically when you hit your sales limit!  This increases sales like crazy!
  • Dime Sales – Set price increase increments based on the number of sales and watch your sales increase fast!
  • Claim this Offer Options – Make buyers enter their email address to get emailed special offer coupon codes or vouchers from you!
  • Upcoming Deals – Showcase new offers before they go live to increase anticipation and sales.  Use normal or special pricing options!
  • Expired and Sold Out Deals – Increase the sales for your next offer by showing Time Expired Deals and/ or Deals which have sold out based on a limited inventory based offer!
  • Awesome Widgets and Shortcodes – Display your deals and offers across your site any way you want.  Check out the Demo below and see how great they will look on your site!
  • Added Support for Woocommerce Pdf Vouchers – NEW
  • Optimized for Speed – Will Not Slow Your Site Down!
  • Unlimited Lifetime Site License:  Use on as Many Sites as you Want
  • Full Developer License to Use Our Plugins and Themes on Clients Sites You Develop*
  • Lifetime Support and Upgrades

What are You Waiting for?  Get the Social Deals Engine WooCommerce Edition Plugin Now!

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What is the License for the WooCommerce Deals Extension being sold here?

This purchase of the WooCommerce Deals Extension will give you the Developer License which gives you the rights to sell the plugin on blogs you develop for resale or for Client sites. You may NOT sell the WooCommerce Deals Extension by itself with the Developer License. It can only be distributed on Blogs you build for resale or paying clients.

Will the WooCommerce Deals Extension work on any site?

Yes, as long as you have WooCommerce installed it will work on any Blog.

Version 2.3.8

21 December, 2015

- Resolved issue with prices when tax is enabled.

Version 2.3.7

19 November, 2015

- Added compatibility to work with WPSocial Updater v1.0.4

Version 2.3.6

16 November, 2015

- Added "Earliest Start Date" and "Latest Ended" sorting option for Home Deals Listing

Version 2.3.5

15 October, 2015

- Added shortcode for displaying expired deals.
- Added option to set number of deals for "Home Page Deals" shortcode.

Version 2.3.4

22 September, 2015

- Added support to work with WPML plugin.

Version 2.3.3

17 August, 2015

- Fixed design issues.

Version 2.3.2

27 July, 2015

- Added number of deals option in "Deals Listing" shortcode.

Version 2.3.1

9 July, 2015

- Added option for facebook share and google share.

Version 2.3.0

17 June, 2015

- Added option to display deals based on selected category,tags or based on IDs in Deals listing shortcode.

Version 2.2.9

8 May, 2015

- Added plugin upgrade safe method for translations.
- Optimized JS/css codes.

Version 2.2.8

5 May, 2015

- Resolved out of stock issue for variable products in [wpsd_woo_home_deals] shortcode.

Version 2.2.7

16 April, 2015

- Added 2 new shortcodes [wpsd_woo_home_deals] and [wpsd_woo_deals_by_status].

Version 2.2.6

30 March, 2015

- Added deals timer on woocommerce shop page.
- Restrict expired and upcoming deals get added into cart from direct add-to-cart URL.

Version 2.2.5

25 March, 2015

- Added ajax paging for 'Active Deals', 'Ending Soon' and 'Upcoming Deals'.

Version 2.2.4

19 March, 2015

- Added option to set 'numdeals' for [wpsd_woo_deals] shortcode.

Version 2.2.3

16 March, 2015

- Improved WP List Table logic for Social Sharing Stats module.
- Fixed a bug with expired deals when 'Purchase Link' added in product meta.

Version 2.2.2

4 March, 2015

- Fixed a bug for deal disappear via cron logic with woocommerce.
- Added backward compatibility to work with older woocommerce version 2.2.
- Fixed a bug for stock issues in variable product.

Version 2.2.1

24 February, 2015

- Fixed a bug for sale badge icon not appear for simple product.
- Fixed a bug for start date and end date with different language setup.

Version 2.2.0

18 February, 2015

- Hide value, discount and you save boxes when normal price is empty.
- Fixed a bug for dim sale.
- Requires woocommerce version 2.3.3 or later.

Version 2.1.4

6 February, 2015

- Resolved issue with thousand separator in price.
- Added Italiano language files.

Version 2.1.3

27 January, 2015

- Resolved issue with decimal point in price

Version 2.1.2

13 January, 2015

- Resolved error of function redeclare wps_deals_get_current_page_url
- Fixed a bug for paging in "Ending soon" and "Upcomming Deals" tab for home page and shop page
- Fixed a issue of displaying price on "Add to Cart" button for variable products

Version 2.1.1

30 December, 2014

- Fixed a bug with custom css option

Version 2.1.0

26 December, 2014

- Replacing datepicker on WooCommerce product dashboard with more timepicker (So the sale can be scheduled in minute basis)
- Fixed a bug for paging in "Ending soon" and "Upcomming Deals" tab
- Fixed widget design issues
- Added support to work shortcode [wpsd_woo_deals] on woocommerce shop page
- Updated chosen library to resolve conflicts with other plugins
- Added custom css option

Version 2.0.4

27 October, 2014

- Added shortcodes to display either active, upcoming or ending soon deals

Version 2.0.3

June 22, 2014

- Fixed social sharing discount issue
- Fixed displaying issues on Deals home page

Version 2.0.2

April 08, 2014

- Fixed add to cart text issue with variable products
- Fixed issue of not showing variable products on Deals home page
- Fixed price and currency formatting issue
- Changed code to display the timer until start date for upcoming Deals

Version 2.0.1

March 7, 2014

- Fixed plugin link issue
- Fixed updater issue
- Fixed CSS issue

Version 2.0.0

March 1, 2014

- Completely re-coded the plugin
- Added options for variable pricing
- Optimized code
- Changed design for the deals
- Fixed bugs

Version 1.0.2

February 12, 2014

- Optimized admin pages
- Updated code for WooCommerce 2.1
- Added automatic language detection for Facebook button
- Fixed some translation issues

Version 1.0.1

October 31, 2013

-Fixed some bugs

Version 1.0.0

October 15, 2013

- Initial Release