Social Media Optimizer

Learn how to optimize Your WordPress website for Social Media through the Social Media Optimizer Course.  Here you will learn how to optimize and maximize your search results and rankings using Advanced Techniques and Optimizations for Social Media, Social SEO, and Advanced Rich Snippet Microdata SEO Techniques.

Social Media Optimization Overview

WP Social SEO Booster (Lite) Free Version Download

Test Your Social Media Optimization here:  Social Media Optimization Tester

Google Plus and Google Authorship Setup

Google Plus

Google Authorship

Rich Snippets Testing Tool


Google Publisher Status and Setup

Google Business Pages Setup

Google Microdata (Rich Snippets/ Itemprop) Usage

Google Interactive Posts and Adding a Share Button to Your Page

Google Video Optimization

Facebook Open Graph Usage (LinkedIN Association)

 Facebook Open Graph

Facebook Insights

Facebook Authorship and Publisher Status

Facebook Authorship and Publisher Setup

Twitter Cards (Coming Soon)

Pinterest Rich Pins (Coming Soon)