Coupon Codes Extension for the Social Deals Engine

Coupon Codes

Make Your Offers Even More Special Using Exclusive Discount/ Coupon Codes!

Make Your Deals and Special Offers irresistible with Coupon Codes which will lower the prices of your  Deals even further when You use the Coupon Codes Extension for the Social Deals Engine.  It is that simple.  Create Coupon Codes for individual Deals or create them for Your entire Deal inventory.  It is up to You.


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Product Description

With the Discount Codes Extension You Will Be Able to:

  • Create Unlimited Discount/ Coupon Codes for All and/ or Individual Deals
  • Create Discounts for a Flat Amount Off or Choose to Use a Percentage
  • Create minimum Amount Thresholds for Coupons to be Active (Example:  User Must Have $100 in Cart for Coupon to Work, Great when used to encourage multiple purchases)
  • Set Coupon Use Limits.  Allow a Single use, 15, 100, Unlimited, ETC.
  • Name Your Discount Codes Whatever You Want.
  • Full Unlimited Use Developer License
  • Lifetime Upgrades and Support
  • 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee

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What is the License for the Coupon Codes extension being sold here?

This purchase of the Coupon Codes extension will give you the Developer License which gives you the rights to sell the plugin on blogs you develop for resale or for Client sites. You may NOT sell the Constant Contact extension by itself with the Developer License. It can only be distributed on Blogs you build for resale or paying clients.

Will the Coupon Codes extension only work with the Social Deals Engine plugin?

Yes, the Coupon Codes extension only works with the Social Deals Engine Plugin.

Version 2.0.3

11 May, 2015

- Added plugin upgrade safe method for translations.
- Optimized JS/css codes.

Version 2.0.2

14 March, 2015

- Improved WP List Table logic for coupons listing page.

Version 2.0.1

10 February, 2015

- Updated language files.

Version 2.0

13 November, 2014

-Requires Social Deals engine v2.0 or later.
-Optimized code.
-Prevent coupon codes from displaying on the front-end.

Version 1.0.2

December 27, 2013

- Updated code for fees and session class added within the main plugin

Version 1.0.1

December 7, 2013

- Optimized Code
- Fixed some bugs

Version 1.0.0

July 31, 2013

- Initial Release

Version 2.0.4

19 November, 2015

- Added compatibility to work with WPSocial Updater v1.0.4.