New Online Header and Banner Graphics Creator

One of the most requested items we have had outside of new plugins and plugin features here at has been help with graphics.  Specifically graphics for Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.  We have also had a huge number of requests for templates to aid in creating banners for Deals which could be used for creating custom graphics for those who use the Social Deals Engine plugin.

Today we are proud to announce the addition of the WP Social Header and Banner Creator online graphics creation tool.  This online graphics creator will allow you to not just create headers and banners of ANY size in just a few minutes, it also comes with 100’s of templates for creating almost any type of header, social media cover, or banner you may need.

With the WP Social Header and Banner Creator you can create an Unlimited Number of:

  • Facebook Covers
  • Twitter Backgrounds and Covers
  • Google Plus Covers
  • YouTube Covers
  • Blog Post Graphics
  • Social Media Memes
  • Advertising Banners

You can do all of this with our 100’s of Graphics and Templates or you can use Your own.

Take a look at our Promotional Video below:


The WP Social Header and Banner Creator can be accessed for Free if you are a WP Social Club, Developer, or Lifetime License Bundle Owner.  Simply log into your Account and You will find the Signup link there were you can access it as a part of your Current License. *You will need to create a separate login and password for the tool in order to use it.

If you do not own one of these licenses and Still would like to have Unlimited use of the Header and Banner Creator or simply want more information, click the link below now:

WP Social Header and Banner Creator

You can see the full sales letter for this new tool here. (Just $27 for Unlimited Use Lifetime License)



Still having the same issue with all browsers.


Chrome is my default browser and I got the .php file.  So, it may not be browser dependent? just sayin'


MikeJohnson moderator

@JoannaGasdogas  It doesn't matter.  Daniel is working on integrating it into the Account area via PHP so there are no more issues like this.

MikeJohnson moderator

For whatever reason some Developer License holders can access the file correctly while others are asked to download the file versus just being able to click to get to the signup page.  90% of all developers accessed the signup just fine yesterday.  I think it is most likely browser related.  I can access the page just fine when using my iMac and Google Chrome.

No worries.  I am sending out the link to all Developer License holders in about 30 minutes from now as an interim fix for the problem.


It's right in the middle of the list of products at the bottom of all the WP Social Developer Bundle items 

Look for: WP Social Developer Bundle — Header & Banner Creator Access



I have the Developer Bundle and I am not sure how to access this software.  I only see a signup.php file.  Where do I upload this file?  thanks.