AzonLand – Home for Amazon Associate Power Users


We are very excited  to announce our new website devoted to Amazon Associates. We have combined all of our substantial Associate tools and plugins, a collection of resources and articles, and a curated library of GPL themes and plugins. It is very difficult to find reliable information in the Amazon Associate space. There is so much spam, affiliate bait and various questionable “offers” that many affiliates are frustrated or worse, get bad information or taken advantage of. We have created Azonland to provide a highly productive environment for any Amazon Associate. Members receive:

  • ReadyThemes – all themes with premium support and updates
  • Prosociate – the MOST powerful Amazon plugin with  premium support and updates
  • Training videos
  • Over 100 premium GPL themes and plugins
  • Library of curated Amazon and affiliate articles

Non-members can also access the articles and a subset of the resources – something for everyone! Check us out at



So 3 hours ago I spent $99 to join your club and I expected IMMEDIATE downloads or lacking that immediate support., of which I have neither.